India. A land where the cuisine is as diverse as its cultures. As you travel across the country,
you will discover new tastes and flavors every few miles. Yet one thing that binds all these
cuisines together is a sense of style, or Andaaz.

Each cuisine has its unique flair – from the grand Nawabi Andaaz of Lucknow to the
Bambaiyya Andaaz in the street food of Mumbai. From the royal Andaaz of the Mughal
courts to the global imprints left behind by the various communities settled in India.

That is where we come in. It is my endeavour to present these diverse Andaaz’s to you in
my very own style, through my memories of food across India. Celebrated through age-old
authentic recipes and fresh ingredients to create progressive Indian cuisine.

Join me and discover my very own Andaaz – a fine-dining experience that celebrates the
diversity and richness of authentic Indian flavors, my style.

(Founders of Andaaz)